Learn the Diski Dance

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Visit the official Diski Dance website at: http://www.learntodiski.com/
There's a new dance revolution taking the country by storm - the 2010 Diski Dance.  South African Tourism is encouraging residents to learn the moves ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.  The dance is based on the unique way in which South Africans play soccer.

Spearheaded by SA Tourism, the dance was initially developed for an international television advert aimed at highlighting South Africa's readiness to host the World Cup.

What is the Diski?

In South Africa, we have a different way of playing soccer. It's rhythmic, sometimes showy, but never boring. We call it Diski and it is uniquely South African. In Diski, every move has a name and there are different names from different parts of the country.

Printable Diski Dance moves Some are in Tswana, others Zulu, Sotho and even English. The moves have names like Tsamaya", "Heel Extension Mkhari" and "Chester" to mention a few.

Start learning the soccer-based moves of South Africa's Diski dance and you'll start feeling the rhythm of African football - and the energy and passion that's in store for the world at the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

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