Auditor-General Visits Sedibeng 10 Feb 2015

The Auditor-General of South Africa, Mr Kimi Makwetu, made a personal visit to Sedibeng, and to the Sedibeng District Municipality and the Midvaal Local Municipality in particular, on the 10th February 2015. His visit was part of a personal tour of selected municipalities throughout South Africa that have achieved ‘Clean Audits’ for the 2013/2014 Financial Years. The Executive Mayors of the Sedibeng District and the Midvaal Local Municipalities received Mr. Makwetu at the Sicelo Community Hall in Meyerton where both Mayors made presentations on how they achieved their Clean Audits. The AG took the engagement further by arranging site visits to establish the connection between Clean Audits and service delivery. In this regard he made a visit to the Meyerton Waste water Treatment Works, a housing project of 430 homes in Sicelo and road developments in Mimosa Avenue in Meyerton. Both Executive Mayors expressed their appreciation to Mr. Makwetu for acknowledging the achievements, but felt the visit served to further motivate them to lead their respective municipalities to greater service delivery standards and to work hard to sustain their ‘Clean Audits’.