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Hunting Gold Adventures

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  Fly Fishing Workshops
The workshop takes about 3-5 hours depending on the number of people.
The cost per includes your full colour training manual with detailed pictures, and everything you need to know.

Casting And Knot Practicing
This will be done somewhere on a rugbyfield or open area in your area. This takes about 2 hours to complete, and here we teach you the cast and how to make certain knots.
A DVD recording of your casting will be made, and be available to you at no charge.

Practical Guiding On The River
You can book a guide for a full day/ half day on the river. The guide doesn't fish, he will be on the water with you helping you with everything. The cost includes coffee and rusks, and a lunch with drinks of choice.

Helicopter Tour On The River
With this package we can fly you out from any point of departure to the fishing spots, and during the day we will fly between spots as well.
We cover a large area of river by doing this and we can pick the best spots on the river.
This is costly exercise, but a great experience and worthwhile.

DVD and Photograph Package
When we are on the river we also bring a long a person to take photographs, and to make
a DVD recording of this experience
This will make your experience with us a special one, and to capture that important moment
when you land a big fish.

Luxury Cruiser Fishing
Our latest fishing package is welcomed by corporate clients, and with this we especially cater for larger groups. Aboard the cruiser are a lot of activities such as a Jacuzzi, Bar and Entertainment area, Lounge and outside lounge. You can also wine and dine aboard the luxury cruiser.

Bass Tours
We also offer bass tours on the Vaal River with an experienced guide. The guide will take you out on the river for a full day, and our package includes the boat,fuel and gear.
On the trip you will be taught everything from basic tackle set-up, where to fish and the correct techniques.

River Rafting
The Vaal River boosts with some of the best white water suitable for rafting. Rapids are measured in categories, from 1-6. The higher the number, the bigger the rapid. On the Vaal we have a few category 3-4 rapids making it enjoyable and fun for everybody. Be assured that safety is priority number one with us and you will always be fitted out with the latest safety gear. Join us for full, and half day trips.

One of our latest battlefields is called Baghdad, and it’s literary like the city in Iraq. We play paintball between buildings, high grass, bunkers and trees. This is a great battlefield in the open. We also play different types of games on this field. This is truly the best paintball experience in Gauteng.

Quad Biking
We supply the quads and the safety gear. This is very popular between leisure groups, and as an ad on we sometimes play paintball games on the quad bikes, making it awesome experience. Driving and shooting calls for great accuracy, and its huge fun.

Team Building
We have over 150 different games that we can play at any time. The client can help choose certain games, but there are also a few hugely popular games. It’s all about teamwork, and corporate companies find this attractive to motivate staff to work together as a team.

Raft Fishing Safari’s
We combine rafting with fishing. The men find this very attractive, because we can navigate and be mobile on the river due to the rafts, and get to very good spots on the water. If you serious about catching some nice fish, join us on this trip.

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