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Closed Tenders

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The following is a list of closed Tenders for Sedibeng District Municipality.

Period: 02 November 2009 to 30 November 2010

Tender Number Description and Specifications of Tender *Compulsory Closing date
8/2/2/18-2010 Proposal for construction of Concrete Palisade Fencing at Heidelberg Testing Station.   30.11.2010
8/2/2/77-2010 Construction of Concrete Palisade Fencing at Vereeniging Airport (Phase 2).   30.11.2010
8/2/2/78-2010 Proposals for Installation second AVGAS Tank at the Vereeniging Airport.   30.11.2010
8/2/4/18-2010 Supply and Installation of Solar Water Heating Systems (Geysers) to 1.500 low income household in Emfuleni.   05.11.2010
8/2/5/16-2010 Appointment of a Transaction Advisor for CCTV Expansion Project & IT Cabling Project.   05.11.2010
8/2/2/44-2010 Proposal for a scenario for alternative service delivery model of establishing entities / agencies and their subsequent implementation.   16.09.2010
8/2/2/58-2010 Establishment of a panel of Legal service providers.   16.09.2010
8/2/1/4-2010 Proposals for an Internal Audit Function for Sedibeng District Municipality.   06.09.2010
8/2/3/6-2010 Proposal for a Panel of Transport Service Providers.   31.08.2010
8/2/3/7-2010 Proposal for Panel of Supply and Delivery of Office Refreshments.   31.08.2010
8/2/3/8-2010 Proposal for Panel of Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Supplies.   31.08.2010
8/2/2/57-2010 Supply of Comprehensive Repair and Maintenance Services for printing peripherals to the Sedibeng District Municipality Information Technology Department.   31.08.2010
8/2/2/54-2010 Proposal for an Events Management Company to arrange and manage an Airshow for Sedibeng District Municipality.   16.08.2010
8/2/2/51-2010 Supply and Delivery of a Computerised Facilities Management System (CFMS).   13.08.2010
8/2/2/52-2010 Proposals to conduct an audit and condition assessment of Sedibeng District Municipality’s (SDM) Buildings, Sites and Infrastructure Assets.   13.08.2010
8/2/2/56-2010 Appointment of a project manager to develop, design and implement a fleet management strategy for Sedibeng District Municipality.   13.08.2010
8/2/5/10-2010 Supply, installation and maintenance of IP-based Radio and Unified Group Communication Systems.   13.08.2010
8/2/2/27-2010 Proposal for a panel of electrical services.   29.06.2010
8/2/2/28-2010 Proposal for a panel of qualified airconditioner contractors.   29.06.2010
8/2/2/29-2010 Proposal for a panel of plumbing services.   29.06.2010
8/2/2/21-2010 Proposal for facilitation and supervision of five (5) taxi ranks at the Emfuleni Local Municipality.   25.06.2010
8/2/2/22-2010 Proposal for a panel of professional painting contractors.   25.06.2010
Proposal for supply and delivery of one tractor, one plain disc mower and one rotary cutter (slasher).   25.06.2010
8/2/2/24-2010 Proposal for supply and delivery of vehicles for Sedibeng District Municipality.   25.06.2010

Supply and Erection of warning, regulatory and directional road traffic signs on major routes in the Emfuleni Local Municipality.

8/2/2/19-2010 Proposal for supply and delivery of vehicle for Sedibeng District Municipality.
(E200 Mercedes Benz or Equivalent)
8/2/2/20-2010 Proposal for supply and delivery of vehicles for Sedibeng District Municipality.
(2X 1800cc Sedan)
8/2/4/6-2010 Construction of Pedestrian Paving in Evaton: Avondale Street.   14.05.2010
8/2/4/7-2010 Construction of Pedestrian Paving in Evaton: Boundary Street.   14.05.2010
8/2/4/8-2010 Construction of Pedestrian Paving in Evaton: Easton Street Phase I.   14.05.2010
8/2/4/14-2010 Construction of Pedestrian Paving in Evaton: Easton Street Phase II.   14.05.2010
8/2/4/9-2010 Construction of Pedestrian Paving in Evaton: Hamilton Street.   14.05.2010
8/2/4/10-2010 Construction of Pedestrian Paving in Evaton: Sterling Street.   14.05.2010
8/2/4/11-2010 Construction of Pedestrian Paving in Evaton: Togo Street.   14.05.2010
8/2/4/12-2010 Construction of Pedestrian Paving in Evaton: Union Street.   14.05.2010
8/2/6/5-2010 Proposal for supply and delivery of Office Furniture   05.05.2010
8/2/3/1-2010 Proposals for a professional service provider to
develop a long term financial plan for Sedibeng District Municipality.

Proposals for the Development of a 3 year business plan for an “Industrial Waste Exchange” (IWEX) / ” Industrial Material Exchange” (IMEX) for the Sedibeng Region.”   24.03.2010
8/2/2/2-2010 Proposals for the CCTV Maintanance and repairs contract for the Sedibeng District Municipality.   24.03.2010

Additions, alterations, repairs and renovations to Sharpeville Community Hall at Cnr of Zwane and Seeiso Street Sharpeville.   12.03.2010
8/2/2/53-2009 Proposals for the supply, delivery, installation,
testing and commissioning of a least cost routing solution to seamlessly integrate into the existing telephone system
8/2/2/1-2010 Proposal for the network cabling and repairs to theSedibeng District Municipality’s Information
Technology Department
8/8/8/25-2009 Request for proposal of security services


8/2/1/4-2009 Proposal for the Corporate Planning System
8/2/2/55-2009 Buying of (SNAPPER) lawnmower Ride-on Tractor
8/2/9/5-2009 Catering for 350 people for the Last Council Sitting Year-End Function to be held on the 02 December 2009
8/2/8/7-2009 Proposal for delivery and erection of 24x60m Marquee Tent with tables and chairs for the Mayoral Imbizo on the 03 Dec 2009
8/2/6/21-2009 Supply and delivery of leisure jackets and T-Shirt for IDP Steering Committee
8/2/5/12-2009 Tender for 2010 FIFA World Cup events managment company for Sedibeng Distict Municipality.


8/2/3/23-2009 Proposal for a panel provision of catering services for Sedibeng District Municipality   27.11.2009
8/2/3/13-2009 Proposal for short-term insurance service for Sedibeng District Municipality   26.11.2009
8/2/5/15-2009 Renovation of the old Sharpeville Police Station (Craft)
MBD 6.1 20.11.2009
8/2/5/16-2009 Renovation of the old Sharpeville Police Station (Heritage)
MBD 6.1 20.11.2009
8/2/4/8-2009 Construction of Constitution Walk   20.11.2009
8/2/4/5-2009 Cemetery Upgrading, Sharpeville   20.11.2009
8/2/4/9-2009 Upgrading of Sharpeville Exhibition Center   20.11.2009
8/2/1/4-2009 Proposal for the  Development of System for  2010 Corporate Calendar   16.11.2009
8/2/2/48-2009 Provision of repairs and servicing of chillers, cooling towers, plant rooms air fans etc in town and banquet halls, civic theatre and library
8/2/2/51-2009 Renovations of Vereeniging Licensing
8/2/2/45-2009 Renovations of Rate Hall
8/2/2/52-2009 Supply and installation of air-conditioners at Main Building (Ground & 1st Floor)
8/2/2/36-2009 Conversion of RSC Levies Files: Scanning & Imaging processing & Dedicated Software   02.11.2009

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* Compulsory: These are bidding documents unique to this tender and should be completed in conjunction with all other Compulsory Bidding Documents **


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